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Make A Step Fitness - Fitness Sofware

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Online Personal Trainer of the Month 

Chris McKenzie

There is nothing more gratifying for us at FitSW than hearing from our awesome team of trainers. 

As we grow, we want to continue hearing from you guys about your fitness journeys and why you choose to guide others on their own. 

We are in this business to provide trainers with the tools to help grow their businesses and touch countless lives. 

Our trainer of the month is someone who made the most out of life challenges and out of COVID-19 challenges by switching completely to online training. 

So, without further ado, here is Chris McKenzie, owner of Make A Step Fitness.

Online training has kept Chris ahead of the game and helped him to grow his reach.

Chris has a unique empathy for all clients because of his own fitness journey losing 130 pounds.

Chris wanted to go to the park with his kids. He wanted to swing with his daughter. 

He wanted to run for longer than a few minutes without feeling detrimental pain and shortness of breath. 

He wanted to be able to sit on an airplane. 

He wanted to sit comfortably in his desk chair at work. He wanted to find happiness and comfort with himself.

He wanted to watch his kids grow up and never fear of leaving them too soon.

The turning point for him was the loss of his mother to cancer and other health reasons. As an ode to her, he then aimed his sights on his own health for himself and his family. He figured that what he needed to do is make the first step and never look back. 

Little by little, Chris stuck with his commitment to a happier, healthier life and bit through the struggles of getting into shape. 

130 pounds lost later, he is helping others attain their goals by leading them through their first step and beyond.

As we all know, it’s extremely difficult to be motivated when the hump to get started is so tall and daunting. Yet, that’s what fuels Chris’ whole mantra. Make the first step. 

A gratifying moment for him was swinging with his daughter for the first time after not being able to fit in a swing since his youth.

Chris’ goal is to help others have these gratifying moments by keeping them motivated to accomplish their fitness goals. His clients’ testimonials give a resounding five stars for the enthusiasm and motivational energy they need to reach their goals. 

Since 2013, Chris has been offering his personal training services. And best of all, he now reaches clients all over the United States!

Chris has used FitSW for the last three years to help manage his in-person clients and now manage his virtual clients!

Because of COVID-19, Chris has taken all the steps necessary to innovate his business by switching completely to online personal training. Chris hosts a number of online training sessions every day. He has kept his business as strong as his clients by providing online training through FitSW live classes and other video conferencing tools. 

He says that business has been better than ever and significantly more rewarding.

Now, he is able to reach people of all types anywhere. 

Chris even has a client in Alaska! Just for reference, Chris is located out of Atlanta, GA. More recently, he was able to take on a client who is hearing impaired and that client lost 120lbs in a year! 

The accessibility features in online sessions allow him to reach a much wider scope of people and he is setting his sights on reaching many more.

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