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At Make A Step Fitness, we are thrilled to showcase the incredible weight loss achievements of our clients. We are dedicated to helping you reach your health and fitness goals, and we take pride in sharing these inspiring success stories with you. Browse through the journeys of our clients below and let us help you take the first step in your own success story.

Make A Step Fitness Before and After
Make A Step Fitness Before and After
Make A Step Fitness Before and After
Make A Step Fitness Before and After

                                                                        Coryn H.

Chris has been an amazing personal trainer these past few weeks! His workouts have helped me to both prepare for my upcoming wedding and feel healthier in the long term. He is attentive, adaptive, and motivational. I’m so grateful that he is helping me reach my fitness goals!

Make A Step Fitness Before and After

Kristianna R.

I began working with Chris on August 4th, 2020. Over the course of quarantine, I had gained approximately 10-12 lbs and it was weighing heavily on my self-worth. I went from working a job that includes walking up to 4 miles a day, to working from home in ny office each day. I decided that I would change the way I felt about myself and get back to who I was, while getting healthier in the process! I meet with Chris 3 times a week for our sessions and I have noticed a change in not only my weight, but the overall tone of my body. I started this journey at 144.8 (which is a lot for me and my frame). I am currently at 131.8 and hope to get to 125! Of course, I have reduced my carbs and made healthier choices, but I know that working with Chris has had such a positive impact on my journey. I work constantly, have two children, a fiance, and a home to maintain.Chris is so flexible with his time and is able to help me fit getting healthy into my life. I'm grateful that I made the decision to work with him!

Gerica M.

Make A Step Fitness Before and After

Total weight loss  - 75lbs

Chris and Makeastepfitness is amazing! Truly changed my outlook on living a healthy life! Chris does great with personalizing your routine & motivating throughout the process!


Make A Step Fitness Before and After

Shreya K.

One Dress Size Down and Toned

Chris is excellent and just love his attitude. Very motivational and energetic workouts that will show you the results.

Make A Step Fitness Before and After

Candace M. 

Total weight loss - 30lbs

I had a personal trainer through a gym membership and felt nothing but intimidation and reluctance to go exercise. I quit the gym and decided to find a personal trainer that would come to my home and work around my crazy schedule. Chris was exactly the right choice for my lifestyle and needs. He understands how difficult it is to be healthy in the corporate world, and he provides endless encouragement on good days and especially bad days. He challenges me every session (we meet three times a week and I don't intend to stop anytime soon.) His price is such a great value for the type of personalized program he has created based on my body type and goals. You WILL see results if you follow his instruction. He is enthusiastic and passionate about helping me and others to reach our fitness goals. I highly recommend him to everyone that feels like getting healthy and fit is impossible. It is NOT impossible, and Chris can help you get there. "

Make A Step Fitness Before and After

Candace M & Daniel A 

Candace - Total Weight Loss - 30lbsDaniel - 10lbs and Toned Per Daniel, I have been working with Chris for a few months now and I would recommend him to anyone I know without hesitation. He is professional, knowledgeable, dedicated, and fun! Best of all, I have seen the results I was looking for.I have lower back issues, and Chris was able to compile a workout routine that helped strengthen my back and core while at the same time prevent my back from becoming strained and hurting more.Chris distinguishes himself from other trainers with an attitude that is centered around helping you in an enjoyable and positive manner. I will continue to use Chris and look forward to further results!"

Ashley B and Lynn B.
Mother & Daughter 

Make A Step Fitness Before and After

"I couldn't of done it without my awesome trainer Chris McKenzie the best trainer I could ask for!!"I have been working out with Chris for about 6 months & I have seen so much progress in my body since him training me. He is such a good trainer he motivates you, & he focuses on exactly what you want to work on. He knows exactly how to kick my butt in workouts but also knows how to keep me looking fit! He is just an all around awesome trainer & would never be this far into getting fit if it weren't his motivation & support!!

Ashley B

"Chris is amazing! I have never had a trainer before and wasn't sure what to expect. I was really nervous, but Chris is great! He is motivating, encouraging, supportive, and professional. I'm so glad that I started this journey. I can wait to see the final results. Thanks to Chris I'm sticking with it and with him!"Chris is dedicated to his clients and very knowledgeable in weight training, toning and sculpting. He listens to what you want to work on where your weaknesses are and where your strengths are and he builds you a program based on that. Chris is dependable and also flexible with your schedule, he will work with you anyway he can. He is very professional! I always look forward to working out, he has made me feel so much better about myself and the energy I have now has increased tremendously!I would highly recommend Chris as a personal trainer.

Lynn B


Make A Step Fitness Before and After

Tamice S.

 Total weight loss  - 20lbs and said YES to the Dress!

Chris McKenzie is very encouraging and diligent as a physical trainer. He is always on time and ready to go. Since working with Him I have dropped 2 dress sizes and lost 20 pounds. I highly recommend his services!"

Patrice S
Total Weight Loss - 70lbs 
Down 4 dress sizes 
I want to thank Chris McKenzie from Make A Step Fitness. 
This was literally my first step into my new profound weight loss! Chris is exceptionally special, 
He is encouraging, inspirational and affordable! 
It is with great thanks, I owe this man, I have lost a total of 70 lbs and I could not have done it with out Chris!! 
He started a fire in me that will never burn out, only but to burn off those calories!
So if your looking for the perfect trainer , look no more to Chris at Make A Step Fitness.

Make A Step Fitness Before and After
Make A Step Fitness Before and After

Stacey C.

Total weight loss -  60lbs

Chris is Very Professional and highly skilled! 

Nancy D.

Make A Step Fitness Before and After

Total weight lost 15lbs Lost 10 inches 

Chris is an excellent personal trainer. He is exactly what I was looking for in a trainer. He is extremely motivational and pushes me. He is very knowledgeable of proper techniques in order to reach optimal results. He is encouraging, support and always positive. He is educated about nutrition and how important it is to a healthy body. I have definition showing in legs and arms!

Make A Step Fitness Before and After

Stacey S

Total weight loss 115 lbs

Chris, thank you soooo much. The encouragement you gave me as I recovered from my knee surgery was invaluable. Sharing the story of your journey while we worked out helped me to believe i could do it. Also, I have no idea how you managed to give me just enough exercise so that I wasn't ever really sore but still improved every week. I still think about the day I dragged myself down the hall to the gym and when I walked in, I must have looked so exhausted, you gave me a high five for showing up and said everything else I did that day way a bonus. I still give myself a mental high five sometimes and consider everything else a bonus on the days I don't feel like working out but show up anyway. Again, thank you.

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